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Magic Needle is a collection of needle art. Many are by designers whom have specifically been designing for Magic Needle for the past 40 years.

All canvas designs and artwork displayed on this website are property of Magic Needle. Copying is strictly forbidden.

Wholesale Pricing is available to shops that we currently have on file. If you are interested in becoming a wholesale client, please contact us.

For retail customers: If you have a favorite shop in your area, please contact them regarding any design on this site that you are interested in. The shop will be able to order the canvas for you. Please feel free to to email us requesting the name of a shop in your area that may already be a customer of ours. If there are no shops in your area, please contact us at 847-432-9897 or through email.

Pick of the Month:

"Town by the sea" is a lovely piece which contains a lot of depth and color. A nice reminder that the snow can't last forever!
Kitting is done with pearl cotton. Threads are hand selected to match artist's palette. (Kitting available for retail customers only.)

For your convenience, expert needlepoint finishing service is available. Call 847-432-9897.

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Town by the Sea
11"x14"  13 ct or 18 ct  (MN998)

Click for detail. Woman in Hat #1
12"x12"  13 ct or 18 ct  (MN947)

Click for detail. Woman in Hat #2
12"x12"  13 ct or 18 ct  (MN949)
Pastel Doodle
14"x14"  13 ct  (MN437)
Blond with Floral Hat
14"x14"  13 ct  (MN893)

Click for detail. Stained Glass Cross
10"x12"  13 ct  (MN1015)
Click for detail. Dancers
14"x14"  13 ct  (MN1001)
Click for detail. Woman Dancing
14"x14"  13 ct  (MN777)

Remembrance, New York Skyline
12"x16"  13 ct  (MN898)


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